Become a Shareholder of PropelCryto Companies By investing and Holding PropelCash (PCH), the Official PropelCryto Shareholders Token

Shareholder Pack of the company Propel Online Crypto Investissement Club has been created. With a minimum of $ 1000 to participate Here are the  details 
 1. Minimum investment $ 1000
 2. Minimum funds to raise $ 30,000 (No maximum)
 3. 2% monthly Return on investment for life and the capital is to be returned if the person decides to no longer be a shareholder (but a notification of 3 months in advance is required)
 4. Participation in annual meetings / galas of PropelCrypto.
 5. Integration into a closed WhatsApp group (We are only integrated after Investment)
 6. Need to have a passport to be integrated into the legal documents of the company.
 7. Receipt of PropelCash (PCH) equivalent to the amount invested and this must be jealously guarded
 8. A direct referral bonus of 4%